Vehicle Modifications

Car Bumpers, Spoilers & Window Tints in Hull

We love working with cars at Elite Bodyworx, whether it is paint work, body work or fitting exhausts as this is our passion. Whether you are looking for insurance work or vehicle mods we can help you. People love their cars to have a unique, personal feel to it and thanks to our work with vehicle mods your car can be made to look like no other.

A vehicle mod can include bumpers, spoilers, paint work, window tints, exhausts and more. Everyone has their own preference on how they would like their car to look. Thanks to vehicle mods these ideas can be realised. With bumpers and spoilers we can completely change the appearance of your car, and with Powerflow Exhausts we can also change the sound of your car so you can have it how you want to sound. Also thanks to our paint work you can match the bumpers and spoilers to your car colour or alter the entire colour of you car as part of you vehicle mod.

If you are interested in vehicle mods then contact us and let us know what you are looking for your car to look like and see how we can help you.

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