Top Gear ECU Remapping

Custom ECU-Remap in Hull

Elite Bodyworx mapping division is a UK based company with a highly skilled and technically trained team. We have passion and drive that will create and deliver the highest quality remap engine tuning options and customer service in the remap tuning industry.

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In recent years the market has become flooded with low grade and unsafe remap tuners here in the UK, which has led to a decline in customer confidence. And at Elite Bodyworx we want to do our bit to change this.

Top Gear have painstakingly developed and invested heavily into cutting edge remap tuning methods, creating the highest quality for all their remap files. Topgear-tuning is now leading the way in Remap Engine Tuning and setting new high standards in the Remap Tuning industry. So along with Top Gear we use the latest state of the art tuning equipment and the latest in software development.

Elite Bodyworx have the UK’s leading ECU Engine tuning remap programming tools to provide a safe, reliable, well designed and thoroughly tested Live & Custom remap engine tuning and remap tuning product.

Do not be misled by inferior products in a box or generic untested off the shelf remap files which are becoming all to common in the Remap engine tuning industry. Trust Elite Bodyworx to deliver the highest quality remap engine tuning upgrade available!

Topgears Tuning team consists of the UK’s leading Engine remap programming specialists to custom bespoke your own personal map, giving you an infinite choice in engine tuning options.

Whether you require economy, performance or race Elite Bodyworx can custom develop a remap tune that suits. From super cars to commercial vehicles and motor homes, all are covered. If it has an engine, Elite bodyworx can tune it.

Elite Bodyworx are a team of highly qualified engine remap dealers which are based in Hull but there are many highly qualified engine remap dealers all over the UK and can deliver the best quality warranted ECU remaps available! Elite Bodyworx Hull would like you come to us, so you can see the set up we have here in Hull rather than you have someone coming to you as a mobile technician with just a mobile number because where is your come back if there are any problems?

The whole remap process is done via the vehicles On Board Diagnostic port (OBD), we simply plug in analyze the existing program or map, then we expertly adjust the ECU settings accordingly and fine tune to create a bespoke program for your vehicle, live and custom designed for your vehicle.

Easy, Elite bodyworx are the experts in Remap engine tuning and can make your cars performance unique, run smoother, make it more efficient and ultimately perform better!

In our team here at Elite Bodyworx we have highly skilled and trained technicians The Topgear Tuning team here at Elite Bodyworx along with its technology is at the cutting edge in the ECU engine tuning industry and remap development arena.

Our whole team is based here at Elite Bodyworx Hull, meaning you deal direct with us.

We are very passionate about what we do at Elite Bodyworx and we pride ourselves on quality over quantity, all our maps are thoroughly tested and conform to within the safe limits of any given vehicles manufactured specification. This ensures reliability and a safe usable power delivery with increased economy depending on your chosen tuning option.

It is simply because of volume and the many different grades of fuel available around the world. As the UK has some of the highest grades of fuel we are able to reprogram a better map to suit.

All vehicles manufactured after 1998 can benefit from this service.

Please call to find out more on 01482 831402

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